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ITALRECUPERI s. r. l. (formerly s. n. c.), was born in 1986 from an idea by the brothers Pasquale and Claudio Moccia. They are present managers, legal representatives and technical directors of the head office and  the operating site of the company in Pozzuoli (Naples – Italy) – Via Provinciale Pianura, n. 39.

Since its constitution the company has worked successfully in the industrial material recycling field, coming from civil and industrial demolitions, excavations, reclamations, processing of building materials and non dangerous industrial waste transportation. The expertise acquired with the production experience and the study of the activities done, took the company to an higher level of specialization in its field and, consequently, to bigger investments in technologies and machines. Such investments, have always been increasing and they have been carried out considering the productive volume rise; they compensated the efforts of the company and in 1999 allowed it to start a project of quality system which certified its organizational and productive capacities. The outcome, achieved up to these days, confirmed the validity of the activities performed, and made the company aware of the possibility to realize perceivable improvements, above all, thanks to the precious and proactive collaboration of the workers and the representatives in charge of the operative business management of the company. Through several training courses, the company, dedicates these people a special attention in order to acquire new technologies and be updated about work regulations , as well as their application. The company always cured, its organization and work security according to these principles and with the maximum scrupulousness possible. The preservation of the worker’s health, the improvement of the working environment and the avoidance of industrial accidents has always been and still is a steady purpose to pursue. Today, ITALRECUPERI s. r. l. represents a benchmark in southern Italy for the most important companies in this field, they can rely on a strong, highly motive and dynamic entrepreneurial reality, with a staff of about ninety people, among administrators, technicians and employers and a machine fleet able to face work of any kind and importance.